Saturday, November 21, 2015

Sensational Home Staging - adding visual appeal for buyers by Staging key areas of this property

Custom Castle Rock Home . . . Sensational Home Staging sets the scene for buyers!

The property has been on the market for a while - and no offers. The new listing agent contacted Sensational Home Staging to get some key rooms Staged for better buyer appeal. The transformation of the property is great - and the agents remarked, "WOW! This is a different house!" when we were done. (Note: Dining room set was sellers). Updated artwork, furniture and décor help create a totally different feeling in the house.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Beautiful Boulder Remodel - Table Mesa area - Staged and show ready - won't last long!

This Table Mesa area house was completely remodeled and square footage added to maximize the potential for this property. Top notch materials and attention to detail make this remodel a must for anyone searching for a home in that area. We Staged the house for the target buyer with color to add that "pop" for visual appeal.

Staging Success - Sensational Home Staging! House under contract 1 week post Staging after sitting on the market over a month prior!

One of our recent Staging projects - on the market for over a month prior to Staging and under contract in a week after Staging!

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Beautiful Castle Pines Village property - vacant and now Staged for success by Sensational Home Staging!

This property backs up to the golf course and is in an exclusive gated community of Castle Pines Village. Sitting vacant on the market did not give the vision to buyers so now with Staging to help add color and visual appeal we are hopeful that this house will find a match soon!

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Beautiful Custom Castle Pines property - Staged and ready for Sale!

This custom property behind gates in Castle Pines is a 6500 square foot beauty with nice views and great outdoor spaces that only add to the contemporary construction and unique features of this property. Staged and ready for sale - it is an easy 10 min commute to Highlands Ranch. Using appropriate inventory selections the Sensational Home Staging team converted the interior from feeling dated and sad to stylish and desirable!

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Wash Park Condo - Denver - Western Facing views! Sensational Home Staging sets the scene for Buyers!

This condo has spectacular views of the Rockies and downtown Denver - and is situated on the 19th floor of a 20 floor high-rise next to Wash Park. Staging helps present a Stylish and inviting look for buyers that will garner a great price!

City Park Condo - Sensational Home Staging - Staged and received full price offer in 1 day while average DOM are 68 for comparable units!

This property has unique views of City Park and the northern Denver area and mountains plus a totally private exposure with no neighbors on the sides. Not many internal upgrades so the Staging had to help add the pizzazz and wow factor that buyers would want.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Custom $3M+ Denver Penthouse - Staged and Ready for Sale - Sensational Home Staging

This unique penthouse property in the Riverpoint Towers has spectacular views and a beautiful open floor plan. For the first time in a decade three of the penthouse units have come up for sale, so because of the competition and listing agents wisely included Staging as part of their listing package to ensure their property stands out to buyers in a good way. Staging helps the buyers envision a lifestyle and defines the size and purpose of the rooms.

Color Infusion for property languishing on the market - Sensational Home Staging to the rescue!

This house is in a nice area of Denver but has been languishing on the market with buyer feedback that says it was too "white" - and outdated. Enter Staging to help give the blah interior a color infusion and hopefully inspire buyers to envision living in the house. It does still need updating but at least the Staging is contemporary and gives buyers something else to focus on other than all the dated features and flaws.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Greenwood Village Custom - Staged and Show Ready by Sensational Home Staging

This custom contemporary style house has some great features but has a very neutral interior. Staging helps add visual appeal and defines the rooms for buyers for use and size.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Why Vacant Houses Need to be Staged to net the Seller the MOST Money from their Sale!

“Vacant Doesn’t Make It”

I love this Staging Saying coined by Barb Schwarz, The Creator of Home Staging® and my personal mentor and Staging Mama! And she is absolutely right. Vacant houses do not feel larger to Buyers and they are not a blank slate for a Buyer to visualize living in with their things.

Consider this well known statistic: Less than 10% of the population can see things in a different way. That means a vacant house lacks appeal to 90% of the buyers out there!

This property would have sold without Staging - but because it was Staged and showed so well it got multiple offers and SOLD for $50K OVER List!

Why Vacant Does Not Make It!
  1. Vacant rooms are cold and empty.
  2. Buyers cannot tell how large or small a space is when it is empty – especially from a photo.
  3. Buyers cannot tell what room they are looking at especially when all the rooms are the same paint color – and just a square space with a window.
  4. Buyers will notice all the “minor flaws” in the room – scratches on the floor, baseboard that needs painting, etc. – because there is nothing else to look at in the room. They focus on the condition versus the possibilities.
  5. Buyers may believe the Seller is desperate to sell since they moved out and are now carrying a mortgage on an empty house.

Why Stage?

  1. Staging helps define the use and purpose of the room.
  2. Staging helps highlight the focal points of the room.
  3. Staging helps Buyers envision how to place their furniture in a room.
  4. Staging helps add color and visual appeal for Buyers online and in person.
  5. Staging gives Buyers something else to focus on rather than minor flaws and conditional issues.
Staging creates an emotional connection to the property that a vacant house lacks.

Just because the market is “hot” around the country does not justify putting a house on the market with the expectation that it will sell because what is being left on the table is MONEY for the Seller. Agents need to be providing information on every tool available to help a seller net the MOST from the sale of their house.

Getting an estimate to Stage is usually a complimentary service or provided at a nominal cost. How can a Seller make an educated decision about Staging when they don’t even know the price? Sellers need to get the information from a Stager that owns and operates a business, not from the Agent that does not know Staging pricing for THAT property.

So go ahead – LOSE money - leave money on the table by not Staging. Or be a WINNER and part of the proven statistics that show time and time again, a Staged house sells at a better price. According to National Association of Realtors – anywhere from 5-20% of your list price! Be an educated Seller and work with Agents that understand how to get you the BEST Staged and SOLD price!

For help with Staging in the greater Denver market give Jennie a call (303)717-7918 or 888-93-STAGE and online Jennie is also networked with Realtors that include Staging as a standard part of their listing services and pay for some or all of the service and she would be happy to provide their information to you. 

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Staged and Under Contract in 1 day - over list price offer! Sensational Home Staging Success!

This property was Staged and listed - and went under contract in 1 day - at above list price!! Staging works! Stage it before you list it!

Monday, May 4, 2015

High-end Urban Condo - Denver - Bef & Aft Staging to help showcase the property for Buyers

This property was listed for sale for nearly a year prior to Staging. Because of the custom design work that was carried out prior to listing the property has been challenging for buyers to appreciate. The goal of the Staging was to tone down the glitz inside and help "normalize" the interior with furniture and décor that adds color and visual appeal while not being over the top. With an price tag of $1.6M this condo is located in the heart of Denver with amazing city and mountain views.

Downtown Condo - City Park - Bef & Aft Staging shows the difference Staging makes to attract a Buyer

Custom downtown condo near City Park with views of downtown Denver and the mountains! The Staging helped this place get SOLD because buyers don't have an imagination on how to place furniture in a wide open space.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Best Foot Forward - Don't Let Your Listing Sell The Competition

Best Foot Forward

by Jennie Norris, ASP Master, IAHSP-Premier,


Owner, Sensational Home Staging

Helping Sellers & Realtors in the Denver Region

The truth is in life we do only have one chance to make the best FIRST impression so we want to have, as they say, our BEST foot forward! 

When a house is listed for sale and a buyer looks at it online or in person - the house either sells itself or sells the competition. They either want to see more and make an offer or they walk on to the next option.

Buyers compare houses online and in person. When one looks great and the other is not prepared for sale - dirty, dated, cluttered, too dark, smelly, etc. - a Buyer will naturally compare that house to the one that is ready to show and buy. So your choice as a Seller or as a Listing Agent is simple. You either Stage up front to get the positive attention and offers or you don't and you just SOLD your competition.

As a Listing Agent you have to ask yourself, "Why would I want to market an ugly foot?" 

You invest a lot of your time, energy and dollars to get a house sold. The house reflects on YOUR reputation. When it does NOT sell you are often held responsible and blamed by the Seller - and word gets around the neighborhood. Aren't you in this business to get referrals from happy clients? Of course. So YOUR best foot forward is to make it a requirement that all your listings are Staged BEFORE they are listed for sale. Or else you just help sell YOUR competition because the neighborhood is watching who gets the pending sign out first and at what price the house sold.

Yes I know Sellers can resist change and it can be hard to tell them their house has warts or corns. Yet you are not doing them (or yourself) any favors by marketing their house "as is." I know there are special circumstances that can exist, but for the most part, a Seller wants ALL the money from the sale of their house. Not just some. 

Putting an ugly foot on the market guarantees they will not net the most from their house and it guarantees their house will be USED to sell the houses that put their BEST foot forward. 

Yes - even in a hot market, a Buyer does not want the hairy foot with warts and icky toenails when they have the option of buying the beautifully manicured foot with pretty color and jewelry. Those two houses will NOT sell at the same price and the ugly foot will be used to sell the pretty one. 

The changes a Seller needs to make to get their foot from ugly to pretty are usually simple and very effective. In most markets a Staging Consultation where the Seller is given a detailed summary of what to do room by room is an average of $250. That small investment can yield thousands of dollars in return. Anything a Seller can do UP FRONT to help their house show better should be recouped in the sale and help their house sell at the best price.

Best Foot Forward. Get the house Staged by a professional Stager to ensure the house truly has the best opportunity to get the best price. Then when the house closes at the BEST price, treat yourself to a manicure! After all the running around we do for our clients we deserve it!

For help putting your best foot forward in the greater Denver area, give Jennie a call 303-717-7918.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Staged and UNDER CONTRACT in 1 day - Highlands Ranch Staging and Listing Success!

This property was on the market last year and did not sell. New year, new Realtor that brought me in as the professional Stager - and new look for the property that included tasteful furniture and décor to highlight this home's features. Result: This house went under contract in 1 day! THAT is the power of proper marketing of a house even in a hot market!

Home Staging and the Laws of Buyer Attraction

Home Staging and the Laws of Buyer Attraction
by Jennie Norris, ASPM®, IAHSP-Premier®, ASP-SRS®, ASP-REO®
Owner, Sensational Home Staging – Serving the Greater Denver Region

The spring market is in full swing around the country as homeowners take the plunge and decide to sell. It is important to make the very best first impression for buyers and that means you need to Stage your house before you sell. Barb Schwarz, The Creator of Home Staging® coined a phrase used by many in the industry, “The way you live in your home and the way we market and sell your house are two different things.” What that means is there is nothing “wrong” with how you choose to live in your home. However, selling a house requires a shift in mindset because you are looking to attract a buyer.

Staging is the process of preparing a house for sale so that it sells in the quickest time and at the best price. It is an up-front investment in time and dollars to ensure you maximize the rate of return on the sale of your house.

Property Interviews and Dates that lead to a Match
Think about any time you went to a job interview or on a date. Did you shower, dress up nicely, present yourself well to the person you were meeting? Hopefully you answered, “yes.” Selling a house is no different. Buyers preview your potential property online and I call that the interview. When they come in person to see the house – it’s a date. In both instances the house has to look its best. If the buyer does not like what they see online, then there is no date set to see the house in person which means no offer. One leads to the other and both are essential to get you the best price for your house. 

It’s the laws of attraction at work.

You might be in a “hot market” where houses are selling quickly, and yet Staging will help you get the very best price and in some markets results in competing offers for the property because it looks so good. In a traditional market statistics show that Staging helps houses sell 2-3 times faster and anywhere from 5-20% MORE than the un-staged competition. Your ASP® or ASPM® Accredited Stager can explain the difference between “Staged List Price” and “List Price” which can mean more money in the sale of your house, as well as show you the statistics that support Staging.

We live in our homes and sell a house or product. Staging is about preparing the house for the unknown buyer and that is why we have to put things away that are personal to us or might be distracting to buyers. All you know about a prospective buyer for your house is that they have money to invest in a property and are searching in your area. You don’t know their age, faith, race, background, politics, education, what they do for work, or family status. In order for your house to attract all buyers you need to remove any of those things I just listed from your home and turn it into a house that all buyers can appreciate.

Staging is also to help protect the Seller. By removing things that are too personal such as family photos, financial information, health issue items such as prescriptions, you are protecting your family from potential predators online and in person. Even something as generic as kitchen knives in a butcher block need to be removed because they are weapons. In fact any weapons in the house need to be removed and/or secured before any buyers enter the house. It is both a safety and liability issue.

Here are some tips you can use to help get your house ready to sell:

1. Clean your house – top to bottom, inside and outside. A clean house tells a buyer that you took care of your house and they feel better about the purchase. If you don’t have time to do the really deep cleaning in bathrooms and your kitchen, hire someone to help you. It will be well worth the investment.

2. Clutter-Free – removing all the excess from corners, counters, and rooms is key. You are packing – just pack up early so that when you get that offer, you are already well on your way to being ready to move. Think about the things you have now and decide if you really want to pay to move them – and then purge and donate things that you no longer want or need.

3. Color – we paint our walls custom colors that we like but have to understand they may not appeal to the buyers. Paint out any bold colored walls to a nice warm tone neutral. If you love that color you get to paint it in your new home. Remember we are selling SPACE so open up those rooms visually by putting warm tone neutral paint on the walls. You can add color with artwork, accessories, accent pillows, and bedding. Do add color to the exterior of your house with fresh annuals that are cheerful and inviting.

4. Pets – What do we do with our fur babies when the house is for sale? Buyers may have positive or negative experiences with pets so you need to minimize the evidence of pets for photos and showings. Buyers may assume a pet soiled the carpet or did damage to the house if there is evidence of a lot of activity. Leaving a large dog that barks in the backyard or garage is not a good strategy. Taking them with you, putting them in a day-kennel, or having family members help out is a good plan. Pets that are strictly indoor pets need to have a discreet area to do their business that are kept very clean, and if they are housed in a cage or terrarium it should be clean, covered and located in a discreet part of a bedroom. Make sure pet hair is cleaned up before any showings, and take time to remove any dog “bombs” from the back yard so buyers don’t track that inside.

5. Personal Items – As you prepare your house for sale remove anything of value. If you leave things out on display they are at risk because a buyer could handle them, accidentally break the item or even steal it. Jewelry should not be left out nor should prescription medications. I recommend my sellers take those things with them when there are showings. Just stuffing these things in a drawer is not a good idea because buyers may snoop.

6. Get Help - The last and most IMPORTANT recommendation I am going to make is for you to get an objective, third party opinion on what your house needs to prepare it for sale. Find an Accredited Staging Professional® (ASP®) Stager in your area and have them prepare a Staging Consultation which is a documented detailed summary of what you need to do room by room, inside and outside. We don’t see our houses the way buyers see them – and getting an objective assessment is crucial. On average a consultation investment can range between $125-$375 depending on where you live. If your house is vacant, an ASP® Stager will preview your house and provide a Staging estimate to Stage the key rooms in the house.

To find a qualified, trained, Accredited Staging Professional go to and click on the ASP Directory Link.

About the Author:
Jennie Norris, ASPM®, IAHSP-Premier®, ASP-SRS™, ASP-REO™, ASP-BTS™ is the owner of Sensational Home Staging, serving the greater Denver region. Since 2002 she has Staged over 3,000 homes and over $1 Billion in property values. She is a Board Member of the International Association of Home Staging Professionals® (IAHSP®) and is the President of the local Denver IAHSP® Chapter. Jennie is also a Certified ASP® Course Trainer with and since 2005 has helped educated thousands of Realtors and Stagers. Staging is her passion and she enjoys sharing the value and benefits of Staging with Realtors and Sellers. Jennie is a marketing expert, author, blogger, mother to four teenagers and wife of 27 years. You can find her online at

Monday, February 23, 2015

The Staging Iceberg

The Staging Iceberg
by Jennie Norris, ASPM, IAHSP-Premier, SRS, BTS, REO
Owner, Sensational Home Staging
Denver Region's Premier Home Staging Resource

     An iceberg is a beautiful sight resting in the water.  It looks like a floating hill or mountain of ice and what we know about icebergs is they can be lethal underneath because 90% of their mass is actually underwater.  That mass was strong enough to sink the Titanic and can cause incredible damage to those that do not steer clear of them.  I think the iceberg is a perfect analogy for a business where what our clients and the public see is the pretty and polished part, and what they don’t see is the churning mass  that lies beneath the surface that keeps the top afloat. 

     When people hear that I own and operate a successful Staging business or see one of my marketing brand items that lets them know what I do, what I usually hear is, “What you do looks like so much fun!   I just love decorating!”  
If only it were that simple. 
     When we are skilled at what we do, we end up making it seem easy because we have learned how to run a business successfully and show the smooth outcome to the public. 

     I have had clients think they have overpaid for Staging because the end result looks fabulous and they figure it took no time at all to achieve the finished outcome.  The television programs that promote Staging could not possible show the actual work that is part of every successful Staging business – there is simply not enough time.  Overall the media has been a blessing and a curse to Stagers.  They give exposure to the service of Staging but do not show the reality of what is entailed.  A Stager that is “featured” on one of these shows gets a microsecond of exposure, maybe a few words of dialogue, possibly show them hauling stuff out of a truck, but rarely show the back story of how they got to the point of the installation.

     I get calls all the time from people that want to do what I do – to “be a Stager.” They have no clue what it entails outside of us making a house look better before it comes on the market.  They see the finished product and hear about the success and statistics that support Staging.  They might even hear that Staging pays well and think it is easy money.  I don’t discourage people and yet I know that they have no clue all that goes into being successful.  Wanting it is not enough.  Working hard every day and being committed with an attitude of perseverance is what it takes.

     What they see is just the tip of the iceberg.  Are we making it look too easy?  Should we show more of the churning chaos that is happening underneath and sink a ship or two from time to time?

   What they don’t see or know about is all the people that have started a business and failed or quit because turns out it was hard work.  Client don't just fall into our laps.  They don’t see the hours of education to learn about our industry. They don’t see the many hours of unpaid work we put in to get that first client and continual unpaid hours we put in to ensure we get new clients.  They don’t see the physically demanding part where you haul items into or out of a house – and your hair is so sweaty you can wring it out.  They don’t feel the sore muscles and backs we have after a long day.  They don’t experience the many miles of driving back and forth across town to get to appointments or secure inventory. 

    They don’t see the mental gymnastics we go through to coordinate multiple projects and many moving parts.  They don’t hear the many conversations we have with Realtors or sellers that don’t believe Staging will help and some tell us more kindly than others.  They don’t see the various personalities we deal with and have to please as we go through the process with our clients.  They don’t know the hours put towards branding and marketing a business just to get that first opportunity and the volume of hours we put towards maintaining and nurturing client relationships.

     They also don’t see the "predators" out there – sharks that want to take our business or other aspects of the industry that are out of our control – such as the real estate market and the economy that both can have a huge impact on our success.

     Of course everyone would like to do what I do and earn the income I earn.  I have been at this 13 years and have learned along the way from mistakes that can only come from being in the trenches.  At the end of the day when an assistant bails on me and just decides not to show up to destage a house, guess who has to go to the house and pull all the items out, loading bins and art and schlepping to the Staging rig?  Me, that’s who.  At the end of the day, it is MY business and “the buck stops here” applies to any Staging business owner working to be successful. 

     If the project does not go as planned and a client is unhappy, it is not the worker-bee that gets reprimanded.  It is the company owner.  Accepting responsibility and being able to handle tough situations separates the wannabes from the successful Stagers in this industry.  When the going gets tough I cannot – I will not - pack up my tent and go home.  This is my livelihood and I have to make it work because I support my family with this business.  And because I love what I do.  And because I would not choose to go back to my old life of working a 9-5 job.  The hours, the sore muscles, cranky clients and other chaos that might occur are worth it to me because I love Staging.   I also love the transformations I am part of whether it is the physical house or the mindset of a client.

      Just like icebergs are constantly growing and changing under water, we too have to change and adapt to the market and industry expectations.  Being able to remain viable while also being competitive is an art and science.  Finding other niches for income that take advantage of our creativity and talent is always happening and being able to keep a lookout and be forward focused on the horizon for new opportunities is our goal.

     I don’t believe that the public will ever really fully understand what goes on beneath the surface of my business and I don’t need to them to know every aspect. I educate them about what I do and my processes to help them achieve their goals and keep the back details private as they really don’t need to know all of that.  They just need to know I am able to help them and they are in capable hands.   Only when someone enters the waters of owning and operating a Staging business will they truly have full appreciation for all that goes on to make our clients properties look fabulous and help them achieve higher success.  And then they will finally have the appreciation for successful Stagers in business all over the world. 
Jennie Norris is the Owner of Sensational Home Staging serving the greater Denver region.  Since 2002 she has helped over 3,000 properties look their best before coming on the market.  She is one of only a few hundred Accredited Staging Professional Master Stagers in the world and provides her leadership and mentoring to colleagues worldwide. (303)717-7918

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Staging Before & After Transformation of Investor Property - Boulder, CO

I love how this property turned out after Staging.  The colors and styles I selected were in line with the type of property, price point and target demographic. My clinet loved what I did and our team knocked it out of the park with the Staging that will help this property sell at the top of the price range.

Staging Success – How Long Does it Take?

Staging Success – How Long Does it Take?
by Jennie Norris, ASP Master, IAHSP-Premier, SRS, REO, BTS
Owner, Sensational Home Staging

Starting a business is exciting because at the start we are full of possibilities and hope for success.  We get started and for some that have never owned their own business before – we realize that it is a lot more work than we realized.  We think, “I am creative – can’t I just Stage?”  Why do we have to do all that other business stuff?

Why?  Because without it – there will never be the Creative Side that we love to do. 

To be successful we have to be not only passionate about being creative, we have to be passionate about building our business.  It starts with our attitude and having huge perseverance to get us through the growth stages. 
The key is how PASSIONATE you are about your business and being a Stager.  If you have left yourself an out, then you have a “fallback” position and really have not committed 100% to your goal of owning a successful Staging business.  I teach, “Burn the Bridge” and don’t give yourself an out.  Have a motivating factor that is large enough that you don’t consider giving up and going back to a W2 job.

When I teach others about being successful in Staging, I am honest and share that you have to plan at least 5 years out with your vision for business.  To expect a thriving business in one year or even two is not realistic.  It is a minimum of 3 years to see your business begin to mature and at least 5 years to really see the big dollars coming in consistently where you are in the 6 figure or higher income category.

The typical growth of a Staging Business looks something like this:

Year  1: Getting established, setting up the business framework, and planting seeds of success by initiating relationships with Realtors.

During this year, many Stagers will give up because they get discouraged at how difficult it might be to overcome objections and get a client to say, “Yes” to Staging.  They have no idea what Marketing is and how to use it to get business.  The fantasy of having a significant income producing company in the first year vanishes as they realize that the first year is really all about laying the groundwork for a growing business, Marketing like a maniac and cultivating relationships.

Year 2:  Your business is established and you have clients calling you when you have been out marketing consistently.  You are able to manage the existing relationships you have and continue to cultivate new ones – and now you can actually ask for referrals from existing clients because you have a track record. 

During this year, there are still hurdles to overcome as mistakes can be made with business set up and strategies.  Achieving a nice 5 figure income is definitely achievable and being able to reinvest some of the proceeds back into the business is happening.  You are still marketing because that never stops.

Year 3:  Your business is established and you are maintaining your client base.  You should be getting enough consistent calls that your calendar is full.  This is the year that you might have to add a team member to help you keep up with demand whether it is a part time assistant or other Staging colleague to whom you can refer business.    You either go the employee route or have independent contractors. Marketing continues – to keep your name and brand in the forefront of the Realtors and sellers in your market.

Years 4 and 5:  You are growing your business and handling your established client base.  You probably have a team in place to help you including movers, assistants and other Staging colleagues that help on projects as needed.  You might be turning away business because you cannot handle the volume.  You might have diversified and acquired inventory and have set up a storage facility or warehouse to house your items.
Give yourself enough time to really see your business mature – and keep your passion fully engaged and you will be in business for many years to come!

Monday, January 26, 2015

When is the Best Time to Sell Your House?

When is the Best Time to Sell Your House?

It’s a new year and blog sites and the internet are full of advice from Realtors and other professionals that serve that industry giving advice to prospective home sellers.

According to some, the best time to sell a house is in the Spring when the market picks up.  While others share that the best time is now when there is less competition as Buyers are out all year long.  They focus on activity and price peaks which are both worthy considerations.

However, I am taking a different tactic here – in my opinion,

the BEST time to Sell Your House is . . . .

When it’s STAGED and READY TO SHOW!!!

You can put a house at the peak months, during the winter, when it’s slower, when it’s swift, in an increasing market, in a declining market, and unless the house is ready for Buyers to see it, the goal of Selling in the shortest time will not be met!

Think about these 3 key points:

1. Staging is a Listing tool for Realtors.

When a Realtor includes Staging as a key to marketing the property and lets the client know they believe in presenting the house the best way to the public and Buyers, this resonates with the Seller who wants EVERY tool available to them to get a successful sale and maximize their equity. And Realtors that are reading this – when you include Staging as part of your Listing Package you will get more business.

2.  Staging is a Marketing tool for Realtors and the House.

When the house is on the market, Staging helps differentiate that property from many other houses that are not Staged and prepared for sale.  This means it gains an edge over the competition.  The Listing Agent will also stand out from the crowd of Realtors who don’t incorporate Staging – and because the house WILL sell faster and at the best price when it’s Staged, this agent will develop a great reputation for getting the job done and for presenting a great product to market.  A Staged house sells up to 5 times faster than the un-Staged competition.

3.  Staging is a Financial tool for Realtors and Sellers.

It’s a fact that Staging will help a house sell at the best price – statistics that have been tracked for years prove this over and over.  When the house sells at the best price versus being reduced in price, the Realtor makes more commission, and the Seller keeps more equity.  National Association of Realtors shared recently that the average price reduction is now 15% - that is a lot of equity to possibly risk losing versus investing in Staging a property.

So when is the best time to put your house on the market?  When it’s ready for the buying public to come through.  Don’t put your house on the market until it’s Staged and ready to show – that means in photos, virtual tours and in person!

For help getting your property or listing in the greater Denver region in show-ready condition contact Jennie Norris, 303-717-7918 or 888-93-STAGE.  Over 3,000 houses Staged since 2002.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Downtown Condo near DTC - 11th Floor with Western Facing Views - Staged and now ready to Show & Sell

One of our latest Staging projects showcases a Denver condo near DTC in the prestigious Penterra Plaza - on the 11th Floor.  With Western facing views this condo has a great compact floor plan and has been updated with tasteful amenities.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Messes Send Messages - What Does Your House or LIsting Say?

Messes Send Messages©
What does your house or listing say?
by Jennie Norris, ASP Master, IAHSP-Premier, ASP-SRS, ASP-REO, ASP-BTS
Owner, Sensational Home Staging
Denver Region's Premier Home Staging Resource


In life 90% of communication is non-verbal.  Body language, tone, expressions - they all convey our message more than what we actually say.

Houses send messages too.  They communicate with us whether we are living in, buying or selling them.  Some messages are of sadness.  Some are of depression.  Some of joy.  Whatever the situation, we can tell when people living in a house have had issues because the house looks neglected.  And for good reason - when life takes an unexpected turn, the last thing we make a priority is making sure our house looks fabulous.

Mess Causes Stress©.  Some of these homeowners don't realize that by living in disarray they are actually creating stress for themselves and stress can lead to a myriad of health issues.  The elimination of "stuff" actually helps de-stress not only the house but the person living IN the house.

When a house is for sale, what message is it giving to the buying public?  Messes Send Messages.  A house communicates and elicits emotions for a buyer who either loves what they see and feels a connection to the house or not.  When they feel that connection the house becomes a must have.  No connection means it is a must leave.  A messy house says, "No one cares about me," or "Don't buy me because you are going to find other issues with maintenance."  A house also send messages about the Sellers such as, "We have given up." or "We don't care about getting the most for our house."  And a house that has too much on display also sends the message that there is not enough storage in this house. That simple message can be enough to deter a potential buyer.
Look at any messy house photo and you just feel stressed looking at it.   Because "Mess causes Stress" when the house is not prepared for sale the buyer literally FEELS stressed standing among the chaos.  They can just look at a photo online and get that feeling of stress.  Is it any wonder these houses don't sell? 

It's so easy to address this issue when selling a house and yet the big question I have is why are so many houses in poor shape when listed for sale?  It's not like the Realtor doesn't see the mess.  At least I would hope they notice because it's right in front of our faces.  We can give the Seller a little break because when we LIVE with a mess we get used to it and don't see it for how bad it really is.  But anyone coming in from the outside who works in this industry HAS to know the house is a mess.  And when it's our job to get the seller the MOST money when selling a house, it is up to US to tell the Seller what they need to do.  

So why do so many houses for sale still look messy?
Is it because the Sellers don't "get it" that they need to address the issue?  Do they not see the value in making changes? Do they resist because it's overwhelming to them?  Or do they just not care.  I think it could be a combination of all of those reasons.

There are ways to get a Seller to cooperate - especially when they see the benefit for THEM.  They will get a better offer when their house shows its best, and their house will sell faster - which means they get to move on to the next phase of their life and into their new home - wherever that is.  As professionals serving sellers we need to be equipped with what to say and how to say it so that the Seller is compelled to make changes.  We also have to be ready to help them.  As a professional Stager, my team and I can and have transformed a house in a matter of hours.  It is a very cost-affordable investment with a high rate of return.  This takes the pressure off the Seller who may be overwhelmed with the move, with life and is unable to make decisions about what to do.  It's a wonderful service we offer - and it makes the Realtor's role a lot easier too because we are the ones doing the heavy lifting, packing, sweating, and setting the scene room by room.  The Realtor can be working on paperwork or meeting with a new prospective client and leave the Staging to us.

In all of this process, the key ingredient is to make sure the seller knows we care and this effort is being done FOR them.  When they know we care and want the very best for them, my belief is that they will get on board.  It might require hand-holding and helping them through a stressful time but in the end they are grateful for the results.  Their house can be presented as a stress-free environment for buyers looking for a connection to a place they can call home.


For help in the Denver area getting your house or listing de-stressed and ready to buy, give Jennie a call.  Her Sensational Home Staging stage crew can make a big impact in a short time to help the house sell faster and at the best price.  303-717-7918©2015 Jennie Norris and Sensational Home Staging.

Staging and Selling in the Winter - by Jennie Norris, Owner of Sensational Home Staging

Staging and Selling in the Winter
by Jennie Norris, Owner of Sensational Home Staging

Staging a house can become challenging in the winter when the landscape around the country does not look that great - dead grass, spindly trees with no leaves, two-tone colors with snow and dirt. In fact I believe winter time is the toughest time of the year to sell when dealing with curb appeal. Depending on what part of the country you live in, you may have lots of green and warmth this time of year, or deal with the barren landscape. When there is snow on the ground, it does look pretty, but as the snow melts, you are often left with bald patches of dirt, icy or muddy streets, and little color in the yards with deciduous trees that have no leaves.

So how do you add that curb appeal necessary for Selling when Mother Nature seems to have another plan?

Here is an excerpt from an article entitled "Home Staging Tips for Every Season" where expert and my personal mentor, Barb Schwarz, was interviewed by AOL online (

Home Staging Tips for Winter:

• Keep your place warm. You want the house looked at! If you aren't living there or even if you are, spend the money to keep it warm. They will walk out if it's too cold," says Schwarz. "And that means no sale." Trying to save money by keeping your house cold and not heating it properly is a turn-off to buyers.

• Keep lighting in mind during the winter months. Winter means it gets dark earlier, so put lighting on timers inside and outside the house. Every room in the house can be on timers, as it welcomes buyers into a room and you want them to keep walking and checking out the house.

• Just because it's winter doesn't mean you shouldn't have flower boxes and greenery at your front door, in pots. On the contrary, it's really warm and welcoming. Just make sure they are seasonally appropriate.

• Keep snow off the back patio and front porch. You want people to go out and see the back and front of the house and the patio and yard, too. Go back to your back fence and see what does the back of your house looks like, does it look boring? You can keep flower pots by the slider doors, as it softens the look of the house in the gray winter.

• Don't forget to put out the summer photos of your great outdoor deck, so people know what it will be like in warmer months.

Here are some added tips:

• Invest in some annuals or perennials that like the cold weather and put them in pots or line the walkway with them. Some of the best annuals for color that like the cold are pansies, primroses, kale (cabbage), and emerald greens (arborvitaes). Think not just about adding green bushes, but add color with annuals that will survive in your climate. If you are not sure, consult with your local landscape supplier and ask what you should put in those pots in the front and back yards.

• Remove hazardous ice from walkways, streets, etc. - this could pose a slipping hazard for a potential buyer and you want to avoid potential issues arising from a buyer that falls on your property. Plus, it makes it look like you care about your house when you have taken the time to remove the ice and piles of snow so that the house is easily accessible.

• Add outdoor cushions to your chairs that may be outside for color and appeal. You can have a fireplace set up on your patio or deck where when the nights are not too cold, you could convey enjoying a nice cozy fire outside.

• When the outside is lacking in color, make sure you have plenty of color elements INSIDE your house to balance out the bleak. Use accessories and layers of color to help create that buyer appeal and transition from the outside to inside. If a house is bleak on the outside, and then on the inside has white walls, tan furniture and beige carpet, it is blah and boring. Using artwork, fabrics, throws, pillows and accent decor can help create an inviting look for buyers.

• Finally, if you are thinking of putting your house on the market in the winter, make sure to share photos of your house and yard that you have taken during the spring, summer and fall so buyers can see what the yard looks like when it is in bloom.


For information on getting your house show ready, contact Jennie at 303-717-7918 or 888-93-STAGE. With over 3,000 houses Staged successfully, Jennie has the expertise and ideas to help you achieve your goals of a successful sale.

It's All About the Buyer, the Buyer, NOT the Seller - Some fun with the tune "It's All About That Bass"

When getting a house SOLD it really is all about the BUYER for that house.  That is why Staging is so important.  In homage to Meghan Trainor I have revised the wording of her smash hit, "It's All About that Bass" for your enjoyment for those in the Staging and Real Estate worlds.
(sung to “It’s All About That Bass” by Meghan Trainor)
It’s all about the Buyer, yes the buyer not the seller
It’s all about the Buyer, yes the buyer not the seller
It’s all about the Buyer, yes the buyer not the seller
It’s all about the buyer, buyer buyer
Yeah it’s pretty clear
This house just won’t do
And many sellers out there
Just don’t have a clue
But I got that Staging wow
That all the Buyers want
Put the right stuff in all the right places
We see the online sites
With photos that are slop
That’s not helping sell
Come on now make it stop
A house has beauty beauty
Let’s show it off
By Staging for the buyer
From the bottom to the top
Yeah my Staging Mama taught me all the whats, whys, whos and hows
To bring out the best features of a house to sell right now
Yeah we won’t be no designer decorator copy cats
Because to get a house sold Home Staging is where it’s at!
It’s all about the Buyer, yes the buyer not the seller
It’s all about the Buyer, yes the buyer not the seller
It’s all about the Buyer, yes the buyer not the seller
It’s all about the buyer, yes the buyer.
We’re bringing beauty back
Go ahead and tell the disbelievers that
No we’re not playin’ cuz a facts a fact
Staging  helps a house sell better from the bottom to the top
Yeah my Staging Mama she taught me all the whats, whys, whos and hows
To bring out the best features of a house to sell right now
Yeah we won’t be no designer decorator copy cats
Because to get a house sold Home Staging is where it’s at!
Yeah It’s all about the Staging yes the Staging for the buyer
Yeah It’s all about the Staging yes the Staging for the buyer
Yeah It’s all about the Staging yes the Staging for the buyer
It’s all about the Staging, yes the Staging!
(C)Copyright Jennie Norris, 2015