Friday, October 28, 2011

Latest ASP Staging Project - Total Transformation!

Check out the latest Staging Tranformation - has been on the market over 90 days so far and with the Staging work of the ASP Students from Boston, we expect this house to show much better to buyers and get SOLD!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Denver-Littleton Condo For Sale!

Open house October 22 from 11-2 PM!  Come check out the latest listing from Virginia Clair, Urban Mountain Properties - 303-229-2450.  7925 Layton Avenue, #317 - Denver 80123.  Located right off Wadsworth and Belleview area - close to shops and is a quiet condo community.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

15 Ways to NOT Sell Your House: Real Life Stories about Real Sellers that Really Did not Want to Sell

15 Ways to NOT Sell Your House: Real Life Stories about Real Sellers that Really Did not Want to Sell

by Jennie Norris, ASP Master, IAHSP – Owner, Sensational Home Staging

If your house is on the market and you do not want it to sell – here are some tips you should consider.

1. Keep all your personal stuff out in plain sight. Clutter makes buyers feel right at home and hides all the real selling features of your house. They will probably layer up their counters and floors with stuff so just let the Buyer see how the house will look when they live in it too.

REAL STORY: This was one of my clients known as Dr. Bill. He had papers strewn all over his floors, coming out of tubs, down hallways, all over the counters. It was incredible! This was a bedroom but you cannot tell by the photo.

2. With area rugs more is better! Hide the hardwood or tile floors throughout your house with area rugs – and do not worry if they do not match. Letting the buyers hop-scotch from one rug to the next is FUN!

REAL STORY: What is it with homeowners that put a million area rugs all over. If you do not want your wood floors, put in carpet! This particular seller had 38 rugs in her house – all sizes (I counted).

3. Make sure to keep oddities and strange thing out. It gives buyers something to talk about and remember your house by recalling that item. Forget all the selling features you want them to remember your collectible. Killed a moose in the wild with your son? Great – keep that up on the wall with the large eyeballs following Buyers through the house. Even better, hang the photos of your hunting expedition right under the moose head so they are sure to get the full story.

REAL STORY: This was a treasure that I found in a high-end house owned by a doctor. Proudly on display at the entrance of the house in a niche, they could not understand why buyers would not appreciate the Jack-a-phes-a-lope.

4. Do not put any of your personal artwork away. If you have ones that are nudes that’s even better. That will tell Buyers that you are free and easy and do not care about pretenses and are super comfortable with yourselves.

REAL STORY: This is a painting that hung in the formal dining room of a very high-end house. If you look closely enough you get too much of a view. The seller had listed the house and it had not sold (surprise!). The painting ended up leaving the dining room and a tasteful fruit bowl painting was put in its place.

5. Keep all your family photos out so that Buyers can really get to know who you are. Your young children that go to school down the street will be recognizable by anyone seeing your house in person and online and it is a great way for your kids to gain new adult friends!

REAL STORY: I had a client protest having to put away all her kid’s photos. She said, “They are so cute, I do not want to pack them up.” Too many family photos give buyers too much information about you, your family, your interests, your background. No one should be able to determine that much personal information about a seller.

6. Do not make your beds or clean up when Buyers are coming. They have seen dirt and unmade beds before and if this is how you live they can either like it or go to the next house.  And if your house is smelly on top of dirty, that is an added bonus!

REAL STORY: This was a client that was too busy to be bothered to make the bed. Anyone that is in the business has seen this – do they not know Buyers are coming through? Yes, I’d much rather look at your unmade, rumpled bed and clothes on the floor.

7. Do not paint any of your walls – the colors you like have to be appealing to everyone. Darker colors you painted will make your rooms feel small – which actually means, cozy, right? Darker colors are good for mood lighting – after all who wants to see all the features of a room?

REAL STORY: This client thought the purple walls were “fun” and the fact that she had accented the walls with bedding in all hues of purple made it better.

8. Wallpaper – who says you have to take it down?   You picked the pattern because you liked it so buyers should like it too. In fact, if you have put wall paper up that matches the curtains, and also matches your fabric in the room – all the better because then Buyers can REALLY appreciate the pattern and thought you put into selecting the design.

REAL STORY: These sellers could not get past the amount they had invested in the wall paper. Taking it down seemed like a crime! Notice how the striped curtains and striped chairs, area rug and wall paper all make the room spin? Where does my eye go? My eye goes “lets get out!”

9. Keep all your windows shut and blinds closed or nearly closed so that the house is nice and dark. It will take a moment for the Buyers’ eyes to adjust to the dim lighting in the house, but that will make them appreciate how private your house can be from the neighbors. They do not need to see the view from the windows – they saw it when they drove up to the house.

REAL STORY: Although the room itself is not bad from a Staging standpoint, having the blinds down, AND the curtains drawn over them is not a good selling point. Buyers immediately ask “what are you hiding?”

10. Make sure to leave out air filters, fans, water filters and water jugs – Buyers want to know if the house they are thinking of buying will make them sneeze, have water that tastes bad, or doesn’t heat and cool properly. Give them the clues up front so that they can make sure to bring their fans, heaters, filters and jugs when they move in! Extra bonus! When the buyer sees the large jug on the counter they will obviously think “Hey look at all the room!”
REAL STORY: These sellers used the jug water daily. When asked to move it for selling, they resisted saying, “If buyers cannot look past this then they can just get over it.” Then the agent, afraid of offending the seller said, “I actually think the blue of the water jug is a nice accent.” Please. If we do not tell them the truth we are not doing our job to help the house sell!

11. Do not bother cleaning up the yard or trimming your bushes and trees. They are just going to grow back so it is better to let Buyers see how they will look that way than trim them down. When they cannot see the house from the street it is more of a “surprise” when they get around the limbs and bushes and see the front door for the first time. When the trees and shrubs hide the windows of the house from the front it adds that special touch of privacy that every Buyer wants.

REAL STORY: This seller had not only the issue of “cannot sell it if you cannot see it” with the giant tree hiding his house, but the neighbors were kind enough to park all their extra vehicles all over the cul-de-sac so it looked like Auto-Row. I recommended he trim his tree and have a motivating conversation with the neighbors.

12. If you are updating your house make sure to pick styles and colors from years gone by – they are nostalgic and will help Buyers feel that connection the past. Brass fixtures really shine – and just scream 1980’s and who did not LOVE the 80’s?

13. Follow potential Buyers around your house during a showing. They do not need privacy and need to hear all the things you did over the years to personalize your house. Tell them all about your pets, your children, all the stories that will make sure to leave an impression.

14. Do not put any photos of your house online. Keep it a mystery so that the “big reveal” happens when the Buyers come in person!

15. Do not Stage your House and list your house with a Realtor® - Staging does not really matter and buyers can look past your stuff.  You can just watch a TV show and figure out what to do innately.  And Realtors - they do not do much anyway and you can just do it yourself. Marketing cannot be all that hard and the paperwork if you get an offer does not have any legal issues at all. It’s a cinch!! (please note I am being sarcastic – and value Realtors and what they do greatly!)

For help in Staging your house so it DOES sell, please give me a call.  303-717-7918 or toll free 888-93-STAGE.  After Staging over 2,500 houses for sale since 2002, I have yet to meet a house or client I could not help.  You can find me on the web:

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Home Staging for Realtors & Stagers - ASP Course - Littleton, CO Nov 15-17

Join over 25,000 other Accredited Staging Professional (ASP) Graduates that have learned the secrets and processes of successful Home Staging and attend the ASP Course - Littleton, CO on November 15-17.

Realtors attend 2 days (Tues & Wed - Nov 15-16) and learn how to get Sellers to say, "YES," to Staging their houses BEFORE listing. Stagers attend 3 days (Nov 15-17) and learn how to own and operate a successful and profitable Staging business.

For over 12 years has been the industry and world leader for Home Staging training and education. The ASP Accreditation is the highest form of training in the industry and testimonials from graduates prove that the ASP Accreditation and Designation help create more income for Realtors, help houses sell faster and make Sellers happy, and help Stagers know how to run a profitable business.

Go to the link below to register and use code "BACKTOSCHOOL" to save $$ off your tuition.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Staging Works!! See for yourself the magic of ASP Staging!

This house looks MUCH better after Staging than before - and the magic is that we used only what the Sellers had in their house! Staging is not about the money - it's about Creativity and Talent - and ideas!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

7701 S. Estes Drive - Staged and for Sale!

Check out this great unique house in Littleton, CO - listed by Kellie Morrissey of the KW City & Mountains Group. The 5 bedroom, 4 bath, 3,359 sq ft house has been updated with new carpet, and remodeled kitchen and baths. CONTACT: Kellie Morrissey - Keller Williams Realty Success: 303-877-2813

This quintessential farmhouse style home has over 3300 finished square feet on 1/3 acre with a 2 bedroom mother-in-law apartment in the walk-out basement. This home has been beautifully upgraded throughout with a Stunning kitchen complete with slab granite, stainless appliances and new cabinets. All baths have been equally upgraded including a beautiful glass bowl sink, elegant fixtures, and tastefully framed mirrors. New carpet and paint top off this incredible home, complete with a main floor master suite, his and her closets in the oversized upstairs bedrooms, separate large office or additional living area, make this home a rare find!
Subdivision: Fairview Heights.