Saturday, March 29, 2014

Realtors - Is the Hot Market Burning Up Your Commission?

Realtors - Is the Hot Market Burning Up Your Commission?
by Jennie Norris, ASP Master, IAHSP-Premier, ASP-SRS, ASP-REO
Owner, Sensational Home Staging
Denver Region's Premier Home Staging Resource

It depends.

It depends on how you approach listing and selling houses and how much education you provide to your Sellers.

Fact is, the real estate market has improved all over the country. This is good news for homeowners that have been waiting out the recovery. It’s good news for markets where inventory remains low and demand high. With this good news comes mixed feelings for those working IN the industry.

As a professional Home Stager, this means the opportunities increase because more people will be selling their houses, and the challenge is that pricing will be more competitive for services. I can deal with that because there is plenty of business to go around. But a valid concern is that Sellers and Realtors might believe the house is going to sell anyway so why bother putting any effort into the listing? Why Stage it and invest money to present a house its best to market which may include painting, decluttering, landscaping, updating, and/or furnishing a house when the statistics say that the house will most likely sell anyway?

The answer is that a Staged house will always sell for MORE than the un-staged competition (apples to apples) in any market. In a hot market, a Staged house can get multiple offers, a higher than list price offer, and can be listed at a higher starting price because it does show better than the un-Staged competition. Statistically this is anywhere from 5 percent to as much as 20 percent more for the Seller. A Seller wants ALL the money possible from the sale. $5,000 MORE could be a trip somewhere, pay off bills, or added to savings. $15,000-$30,000 more is HUGE for your client. They don’t want to leave that on the table.  And since you are paid on the final sales price - a better price means you make more commission too!. Bottom line: Staging helps guarantee the house will sell at the very best price compared to the un-Staged comparable house. 

Using the Staging Calculator tool available on my website will help you show the exact ROI to your sellers when they invest up front in Staging.  Go to to use the tool.

For Realtors, a hot market means more people will jump into real estate, believing it to be an easy money endeavor. More competition means more agents will be looking for ways to get a Sellers’ business and some will use discounted commissions as a way to attract business. How will you compete with these discount agents? Will you reduce your commissions or will you find ways to add value?

Realtors that are eager to “just get houses sold” need to think about the impact a hot market has on their bank account. The seller is not just thinking about whether or not they should invest in Staging to make their house most appealing. They are looking at the commission they are paying to the listing and buyer agents. As the market gets hotter, they naturally want to decrease the payout to the agents involved in the sale. Some even believe they do not need a Realtor and will cut you off altogether and go FSBO.   Sellers are thinking to themselves, "The market is hot so why should we give up all that commission to a Realtor when we can do it ourselves?"  How do you counter that concern?  Can you provide services that will help them net even MORE from the sale of their house?  A Stager can.

Your commission IS at risk. The good news is Staging is a tool that helps you KEEP your commission and compete with discount brokers by bringing measureable VALUE to the table. Because Staging a house has been demonstrated to bring 5-20 percent MORE for a Seller with either a better starting price, multiple offers, and higher than list offers, you help the Seller increase their net profits by more than they are asking you to reduce your commission. Paying you as a full service Realtor that does not discount and includes Staging you are bringing them a tool that helps them get MORE for their property. Your 1 to 1 ½ percent that you do not discount to compete with discount agents brings your seller up to 5-20% more so you are helping them net much more than they are asking you to give up.

Your professional Home Stager is your key to keeping your commissions, not having to work harder – just work smarter. And because your listings will look better and sell faster, you will become the “go to” agent in the neighborhood which will increase your number of houses sold each year!

More means more for everyone. For the Seller. For the Realtors. For the service professionals that partner with both to ensure the best price for the sale in the shortest time. Staging is a vital marketing tool for the house – and it will become and even more important financial tool for both the Seller and the Listing Agent.

Contrary to what the public may believe, houses do not sell themselves. Poor marketing, little or no focus on selling the house, and/or little motivation to generate activity are strategies enlisted by discount agents. They have to work 2-3 times harder than a full-service Realtor in order to earn the same income so they have less time and attention to devote to a sale. In their head whether right or wrong they are not as focused on the sale because they are not making the same as a full-time focused agent. These are the listings that have a few or no photos, no marketing flyers, no real marketing focus other than toss it on the MLS and say a prayer that is sells.

Case Study:
I just Staged a house that had been on the market since August.  The Sellers first tried to use HelpUSell and got no results in a market where there is extremely low inventory.  The house was poorly marketed and it showed.  Then after wasting all that time on the market, they listed the house with a Realtor 60 days ago and still got no offers.  Finally the house was Staged in mid March and it went Under Contract with its very first offer in only 9 days!  Staging works - and these Sellers are a classic example of what not to do to sell a house.  Hire professionals and put the best foot forward with Staging to be SOLD not just sitting on the market.

When you have a way to help Sellers get the best price possible they should want to use it. When you know a tool like this exists you should want to share it with all your Sellers. Whether the Seller invests up front in the Staging or the Realtor helps cover the investment as part of their listing services, the fact is both parties will end up recouping more than the Staging investment with a house that is sold at a great price.

That truly is a win-win. A hot market does not mean you should get burned. Staging before listing is a red-hot winner for everyone involved in the sale!


If you list and sell houses in the greater Denver region or live in the Denver area and want to sell your house give me a call. I have helped over 2,800 homeowners get the most for their house and partner with Realtors to help give them the edge they want in a competitive market. (303)717-7918 or 888-93-STAGE.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Lakewood - Green Mountain house - Staged and for sale now! Check out the transformation that took place in this property to get it Show Ready!

The sellers of this house implemented a detailed Staging Consultation report that included packing, purging, painting, and some updating. After they were ready our team came and set the scene room by room to get it Sensationally Staged and show ready! The end result is a house that is ready for buyers to mentally move in - and I expect to hear good news of a quick sale on this one!

This is an updated house in Centennial CO - ready for sale! Going live this coming week.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Brighton Beauty - Custom home with views and acreage! Beeler Drive

This house has a wonderful floorplan and views of the front range! In a custom home community located near Toddcreek. For sale now!

Cute Townhouse - Belmar Lakewood - Updated and for sale!

This townhouse is located in the heart of Belmar. You can walk to shops and restaurants and have easy access to the freeway or major streets to get to work. Listed by Renee Helten - KW -

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Cloverleaf Way - Staged and Ready to Sell! Boulder Beauty totally remodeled.

One of our latest Staging successes - this beautiful house is ready to sell. Totally remodeled inside out this house is near downtown Boulder and has all the updated and modern amenities a buyer wants.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Home Staging ASP Course - Indianapolis Class - March 2014 - Staging Project transformation

Check out the latest class Staging project transformation from the Accredited Staging Professional (ASP) Course - that I taught in Indianapolis. Today's staging project had the students taking on a nicely appointed house with nice things to work with. Thinning out, rearranging as needed, reducing the # of items in rooms and generally streamlining left the house looking its best prior to coming on the market.