Wednesday, August 27, 2014

"Hire me to sell your house – I will only charge you 0.5%!" - A Stager's Courtesy Request

Hire me to sell your house – I will only charge you 0.5%!
Why would I sell real estate for 1/6 of the traditional going rate?  Because selling houses is FUN!  Isn’t that a great reason?

Now – Reality check.  No. I am not a Realtor.  No, I am not selling houses or working with buyers.  If I ever did decide to do that I would never undercut the professionals with an explanation that “it’s fun” – or "I don’t make my real money doing this so I won’t  charge for my services." 

Realtors – don’t you get tired of the Help U Sells, FSBO, and other low or no commission “listing companies” that undercut your professionalism, your business practices, your income and way of life?  You have taken the time to get professional training, education, adhere to code of ethics and belong to a professional association.

You know who else does?  Professional Stagers.  We have made the investment in our education, memberships and business in order to provide a service that brings value to the process of selling a house.  To my Realtor clients that use me as part of their team to help make them more productive, I say, “Thank you” for recognizing my talent and efforts are of value to you and your clients.  To the others that have yet to “get it” that having a Stager on your team doing the Staging actually helps YOU be more productive, read on.


Furniture and décor resourced from local thrift stores

Professionally Staged - with the target buyer in mind

I have to say I grow weary of seeing some really questionable “staging” being done by agents under the guise of saving a buck or the idea that “I can do it myself so why should I pay someone or encourage my client to hire a professional?”  Or not even recommending it be done because “the house will sell anyway,” not focusing on the fact that Staging helps houses sell for the very BEST price and helps your sellers net the most from the sale.

What if everyone had that same idea when it came to hiring you?  “We don’t need a Realtor – we can just list our house ourselves, honey.  Who cares about the legal ramifications or the fact that we know nothing about marketing or heck – even negotiating on our own behalf.  It looks easy – so we are going to do it to save ourselves some money.”

Does that thought process upset you?  If it does – and I am sure it does – then why do some turn around and do the same thing when it comes to Staging?  In most cases Staging the property costs less than you think and helps YOU net the most for your client and yourself.
Not doing anything or thinking that you can do it yourself and then putting furniture and décor that in no way fits the style, property price-point, or target buyer is doing your client (and yourself) a disservice.  Staging is not about just tossing some extra décor you might have lingering in your house or basement, or going to thrift stores to gather up a few things you can hang or place in a house. 

Card table covered with ill fitting table cloth, artwork is too small.
None of this would attract the buyer

Professionally Staged and in line with the seller's list price and Staging budget
Staging requires a lot of planning and mental coordinating before the actual Staging takes place.  It’s not about plopping random furniture and décor in a house – it’s about adding visual appeal, defining use and size of rooms, and creating an atmosphere that entices buyers to want to make the house they are standing in their home.  Stagers are constantly transitioning our inventory to keep up with the trends and styles to providing a service that is going to help houses sell.  We make monetary investments to ensure that the finished product represents not only our professionalism but also YOU as our client – so that you get the results you want of a sale at the best price.

So to the Realtors that may be reading this - as a professional surround yourself with other professionals that make you look good to your client and make you more productive.  You really don’t have time to be hauling furniture and décor around when time is limited and you could be meeting with a new client and earning far more on the sale of a house than I ever will Staging a property.

No, I am not going to list a house for 0.5%.  IF I ever did get into real estate I would not be foolish enough to leave money on the table or operate a business where I did not practice at the highest standard.   I recognize your expertise and happily refer you to those I know that need a trusted professional.  Ask a professional Stager, I ask for the same courtesy.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Denver New Construction - Staged to appeal to the Target Buyer

This house is a new construction property in an up and coming area of Denver - and needed to appeal to the target buyer. The photos show the before (Staged but not to the right target audience) the emptied and then the Sensational Home Staging version of what needs to be done to Stage this property.

Denver Remodeled House - Sensational Home Staging Succees

This updated house needed Staging to help it get the very best price for sale. Sensational Home Staging added furniture and décor to help bring the rooms to life!

Golden Vacant now Staged for Sale! Sensational Home Staging Crew does it again!

Vacant house in Golden - now Sensationally staged for sale by the Sensational Home Staging crew! Should attract buyers now that the key rooms are Staged to show size, purpose, and create visual appeal.