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Friday, April 13, 2012

ASP Staging does it AGAIN! Check out the transformation of this house in BOSTON!

Check out the latest ASP Course Staging project where students are challenged to use ONLY what the homeowner has in the house combined with Staging techniques, instructions and ideas.  If we all believe what we see on HGTV then all Sellers would have to SPEND $2,000 or more to get their houses Staged and all houses would need a "design overhaul."  What if a Seller does not have $2,000 - or what if they have things to work with already?  Staging is NOT decorating or design - it is a tool use to present a house for sale to the Buying Audience.

Sometimes what a house needs is to have rooms opened up, large furniture removed and some pizazz added with decor - placement is key - and Sellers need to know to work with professionally TRAINED and ACCREDITED Stagers to get the right job for their situation.

Enjoy these photos!!  Spread the word that when it comes to Staging and Selling - ASPs are the go-to Stagers!!