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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

If Home Staging is in the Main STREAM why are so many Sellers up the CREEK without a paddle?

If Home Staging has gone Main STREAM why are so many Houses still up the CREEK without a paddle?

Home Staging has gone Main STREAM - and yet there are still many houses that are not Staged and listed for sale. WHY?

Based on my experience, it can only be one of two reasons.

1. The Seller does not believe Staging will work to help them get the best price in the shortest time.

2. The Seller has not been told the honest truth about their house.

I know that some people would think “MONEY” – and yet when a Seller understands that “The investment in Staging is less than a price reduction” – they cannot afford NOT to Stage!

When they understand that Staging will help them keep anywhere from 5-20% of their equity (according to the National Association of Realtors) based on their current market conditions, why would they not want to invest in Staging? On average the Staging report that details what the Seller needs to do is about $300. For vacant houses, an average house would be about $2,000 for the Staging installation with an ongoing monthly rental commitment until the house sells. Custom homes or houses that require unique inventory would be more.


Home Gain came out with a recent study for 2009 that listed Home Staging as the second most important activity a Seller can do to get top dollar for their house. The number one activity was de-cluttering – which is part of any Staging plan, so really, Staging is the BEST thing a seller can do to ensure the best price in the shortest time.


The most important part about Home Staging is getting the Seller to consider the BUYER and what they want to see, feel and experience in the house. Sometimes this does require sharing tough messages to the Seller, but when it is couched in kindness, it is easier to receive. And providing them actual help to get the work done is also key.

A professional ASP® Home Stager has been trained to handle clients with kindness, and work within their timeframe and budget to get the Staging completed. This helps everyone involved in the selling process as a Staged house sells faster and at a better price than a comparable un-Staged house.

When you want an honest assessment of your house or property for a client or yourself, you can trust the professional recommendations of Sensational Home Staging and Jennie Norris, ASP Master, IAHSP President.

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