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Friday, January 15, 2010

Home Staging Statistics updated for January 2010 - get your accurate data here!

Once again, (, the industry leader in Home Staging education has provided updated Statistics for Home Staging that show when houses are Staged for sale, they sell up to 5 times faster than the un-staged competition!  That is HUGE in today's market and economy where houses that sit on the market are reduced in price as the only method to attract a Buyer.  This can cost a Seller tens of thousands of dollars.

Meanwhile, the average investment to Stage a house ranges from $300-$2,000 depending on whether the house is vacant or occupied, and whether the Seller does the work or hires the professional Home Stager to do the work.  High end or custom homes that are vacant cost more to Stage because they are larger and/or require unique inventory.

The bottom line:  Save yourself thousands and get your house professionally Staged.  Bring in an ASP Master or an ASP Home Stager to give you an honest assessment of your house's needs in order to get an offer in the shortest time and at the best price based on market conditions.

If you live in the Denver area, call Home Staging expert, Jennie Norris, with Sensational Home Staging at 888-WE-STAGE or email her at