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Friday, April 9, 2010

Sensational Home Staging - Using CREATIVITY and not renting or buying!

Another Sensationally Staged house - for sale . . . and instead of having the Seller "remove everything and bring in all brand new stuff" - which really requires little creativity - we used what the Seller had in their house - and our ideas.

TWO Staging Project - TWO Success Stories - TWO Examples of Sensational Home Staging. . .

In today's market - many sellers cannot afford to "spend" thousands of dollars to "stage" their house - and I put the word in quotes on purpose - because when a Seller is told to get rid of their stuff - and a "Stager" brings in new things - it's Decorating. Decorating focuses on the stuff - and not the space. It's not about the house it's about the Stuff - we can select what we want, put it where we want - and although it might look great - we need to ask - "Was it necessary?"

Sometimes it makes sense to add a few things to add "WOW" Factor or even a lot of things - to make a house appeal to buyers - but to replace a whole house that is already furnished - is a costly venture. If the house is vacant - yes it does need rental furnishings to make it feel homey and inviting. But a furnished house - does NOT need to have things replaced or removed . . . we can work with what you have.

This type of Staging is tougher. Mentally it's hard to be restricted to what someone else may have in their house. I may think it's dated or even unattractive - and I can still work with it - and using my training and experience present the HOUSE using those things - in a way that appeals to buyers.

When a Stager is restricted by what is in the house - CREATIVITY has to kick in - and it's a welcome mental challenge for me.  The other type of Staging is physically demanding - because we are bringing in boxes of decor and furniture - but it is not as challenging creatively. Staging with what a Seller has is also physically demanding as furnishings are moved from one place to another, or room to room.

90% of Sellers cannot afford to spend excess on Staging - and so are we so focused on making the look like an episode of Design Chic - that we forget that we can use our creativity to present a house for buyers?

I believe that one reason some Stagers only use rented inventory to Stage is they don't want to take the time to have to figure out how to make the things in a Sellers house work. It's much easier to know that they can bring in the sofa or chair of their choice than be stuck working with one that may be worn or dated.

When a Buyer buys the house - are they buying the furniture too? NO. They are buying the house and space - not the stuff. They do use the furnishings in the rooms to assess whether their things will fit and how to arrange their things. But rarely are they there to shop for furniture and decor.

So Sellers and Realtors - you need to know that Staging is NOT about having you buy or rent things - when you already have things to work with in the house. Check out the link of photos that prove my point.

Could there have been different things added - sure. Was it necessary. No. These houses got the attention they needed post Staging - and the Sellers were flabberagasted at how GREAT their houses looked.

When you want to minimize costs for Staging - and invest in the time it takes to use someone with Talent and Creativity to Stage a house - look for an ASP Stager. Go to to find them on the online directly.

If you are in the Denver region - I would love to help you or your client get their house Staged - and will honestly assess whether we can use what they have or if they do need to rent. But the first words out of my mouth will not be "it all has to go and you need to buy things or rent." Never.

Call me at 888-WE-STAGE or 303-717-7918 or go to to learn more about how I can help you achieve your goal of Selling your house or listing in the shortest time and for the most money.

TWO Staging Project - TWO Success Stories - TWO Examples of Sensational Home Staging. . .