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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Jennie Norris earns IAHSP Premier Designation reflecting top business practices in Staging Industry

Jennie Norris - Accredited Staging Professional Master (ASPM), IAHSP, ASP, ASP-SRS, ASP-REO, has earned the prestigious IAHSP Premier Designation recognizing top business practices in the Staging Industry as given by the International Association of Home Staging Professionals (IAHSP).  IAHSP has set the standards of excellence, ethics and education for the Home Staging industry since 1999.  IAHSP is the ONLY Home Staging association requiring education FIRST before accepting members.

IAHSP recognizes the need for a base of excellence and education in its membership and does not allow just anyone to join.  Members must demonstrate professionalism in their businesses and client interactions. They are accountable to an international board of peers, and must demonstrate professional standards in their business, online exposure, and client interactions to remain an active member of IAHSP.

The IAHSP-Premier recognizes among other things a business owner who has business insurance, professional policies, code of ethics adherence, merchant account, and active participation in both the international association and local chapters of IAHSP for ongoing education, learning, and support.

Jennie is excited to be able to serve her clients even better with the recognition of how she established and maintains her company and for her involvment in IAHSP.  Jennie served as the President of IAHSP International Board for 2009-2010 and currently serves on the International Board as Ethics and Special Projects Director. 

The ASP Designations (ASP, ASPM, ASP-SRS, ASP-REO) and IAHSP, IAHSP-Premier are the only nationally recognized designations in the world of Staging. The ASP Designation and Accreditation reflect the highest form of training in the Staging industry and are given by, recognized as a school, to students in the Staging industry.

For help in preparing your vacant or occupied house for sale contact Jennie Norris, ASPM, ASP, ASP-SR, ASP-REO at 303-717-7918 or 888-93-STAGE. 

After Staging over 2,700 properties since 2002, Jennie has yet to meet a house she could not Stage.