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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Finding Your Inner Super Hero

Finding Your Inner Super Hero - by Jennie Norris, ASP Master, IAHSP - Owner, Sensational Home Staging, Denver's Premier Home Staging Resource

Superman. Wonder Woman. Bat Man. Iron Man. Mighty Isis. Captain America. Cat Woman. Fairy. Mermaid. Hulk.

The release of “The Avengers” has put us Super Hero mode. I remember as a child – I wanted to be a fairy – to be able to fly. My sister and I would put on “capes” and run around pretending we had special powers. When Wonder Woman came out I am sure every young girl dreamed of flying in an invisible plane, having a magic lasso, and the ability to deflect bullets with special wristbands. Even as cheesy as the TV Show was, I remember repeating, “Oh Mighty Isis” and twirling in circles to transform into “Isis” – the heroine with super powers.  When we'd swim in the water, we'd pretend we were beautiful mermaids - and I wanted to have long flowing hair, and be able to swim like and live under the sea with dolphins.  I don’t know when it happened but at some age – probably just before I became a teenager – I stopped playing the imagination games. They were for "kids."  My fantasy of wishing I could fly was replaced with the reality of teen activities and knowing flying was only possible on a plane.

Recently I was riding on the train at the Denver airport and I was seated at the back of the train so I could see through to the next compartment. Looking at me through his window was a young boy – maybe 3 years old – and he had his Iron Man helmet and special arm piece on. He WAS iron man! And it got me thinking – maybe we all need to be that little boy - we need to embrace our inner Super Hero! We all have that person in us that inspires us to greatness – who can conquer our fears with strength and courage. In our business, when we have fear over cold-calling a prospect, we can channel our inner fearlessness and become “Awesome Action-taker.” When we have fear over marketing our business, we can become “Magic Marketer.” Forget the Caped Crusader – bring on “Super Stager!” We can leap tall houses in a single bound, we can defeat doubters with one conversation, we can create magic spaces with our Creativity! We are “Super Stager!” It’s about embracing our child-like faith that once had us believing we could fly if we could just jump high enough!

That child-like faith of believing things we cannot see is what propels a person forward when they have yet to see the results of fruits of their labor. It’s what keeps hope alive when “reality” is telling us “businesses fail, you can’t succeed, it’s too hard.” Without that faith – there is no magic! Running a business has to be fun – and we have to have times when we just dance around, act silly, have fun and just LAUGH. When was the last time you laughed with the delight of a child? If it’s been a while – do something about it. Go to a place where you can just REMEMBER – remember what it was like when you were younger and did not even know what stress was. Go to that place where you can be free to just “be” – and enjoy the moment without the worry of tomorrow. Recall a funny memory or create a new one that makes you laugh – and enjoy life.

I think we all need to get a cape we can run around the house – yard – heck – go outside and run around! I Dare You to RELEASE your Inner Super Hero!!  

I am Amazing Aquaeyes Super Stager!  My power is the ability to see what someone needs - and I use my laser vision to cut away clutter and to do everything in my powers to get results!  I have amazing powers of love for family and friends and see into their hearts to know what they need.  I can fly and have super strength to help me accomplish what I need every day!

Let’s Go! I can’t wait to see who is inside YOU!