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Sunday, March 18, 2012

When it comes to Staging – Seek Professional Help by Jennie Norris, ASP Master, IAHSP - Owner, Sensational Home Staging - Denver's Premier Home Staging Resource

When it comes to Staging – Seek Professional Help

Am I talking to the many professional Stagers that may seem a “little crazy” over their need to place things a certain way?  Or how happy we get over being able to make sense out of other people’s chaos?  Or how about how excited we might get over how we tie a towel – albeit cleverly and creatively? 

No – I am talking to the public out there – the people that want to Sell their houses or the people that work for a living selling houses – the Realtors. Staging is more than just plopping some accessories in a house and sticking furniture somewhere in a room.

When it comes to Staging – Seek PROFESSIONAL Help! There – I said it. There IS a difference between someone that says, “I Stage houses,” and someone else that is trained to do it professionally – and dare I say it – PROPERLY.

There are those that believe they have the ability but really don’t know what they are doing and confuse Staging with decorating. There are those that believe they have the ability but lack the vision of what to do. There are those don’t see the need to invest properly in Staging so it is done halfway and gets no results. And there are those that may have the ability but lack the knowledge of how to deal with a client that may resist or not be totally on board with making changes.

Professional training matters because it gives a Stager a framework in which to operate a successful business with the knowledge of how to handle a client properly and professionally, and ultimately get the results they desire.

After rescuing a condo this past weekend I KNOW there are those that are doing just what this mis-guided but well-intentioned agent did to help “Stage” the house for sale. I walked into the property and found accessories that were tasteful and did help add color to kitchen and bathroom counters. But then in the main living area – no furniture – just a little table with 2 chairs slammed up against a blank wall. There was a nicely accessorized baker’s rack at an angle in the corner which I could surmise was to “hide” the A/C vent but served no purpose in the corner. There was an old couch that was up against a wall in the “den” which could also be a bedroom. The master bedroom was totally empty and there was zero artwork on the walls.

Even in the photos I was sent initially I could see what had to be done – and many of my professional colleagues would have been able to easily make sense of the space as well. This is because I have taken the time to train my eye, to know what the goal of the Staging is, and how to execute that vision. Carrying out my vision, adding a few key pieces of furniture, and making sure the master bedroom was furnished – was the goal.

Now the condo is professionally Staged – even with a limited budget – using what was there along with a few key additions – makes a HUGE difference in the presentation.

I guess it goes back to the old saying, “Don’t ask a plumber for medical advice.” Just as I would not assume to know how to do another professional’s “job” (accountant, plumber, teacher, Realtor, doctor, etc.) – I sure wish people would stop trying to do my job when they really don’t have the ability to do it right.

Professional Stagers serve a vital role in getting the buying public to envision themselves in a property – online and in person. I believe the abundance of articles and shows makes people THINK they can do it right – but the plethora of poorly presented properties that the seller and/or agent would say are “Staged” proves that when it comes to Staging and SELLING – seek professional help! Take the time to do it right with a professional – from the start - so you don’t have to waste time on the market and pay a professional to “do it over.”