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Friday, November 21, 2014

Home Staging Services FREE - How Sellers can get a win-win when Staging Their House for Sale

Who doesn't like a great deal? Right now deals are coming from all places promoting Black Friday and holiday specials.  As Americans we are geared to perk up when we hear about a good deal.  Well get ready to perk up about your house!

When it comes to Staging did you know that as a Seller you can actually get it for FREE or at a great discount?  HOW?  By partnering with a Stager that works with Realtors that provide this service as part of their listing package.

I work with Realtors that do this.  They believe so much in Home Staging that they ensure ALL their listings are Staged prior to coming on the market and one of the ways they make that happen is by paying for the Staging services on behalf of the seller.  This helps YOU and shows they are committed to the successful sale, not just taking a listing.

Smart Strategy.

Now as a Seller you will be expected to cooperate with the Staging recommendations and you might even have to pay all or a portion of the Staging services up front and get reimbursed by the listing agent at the successful close.  That is only fair - they are putting out the money to make sure YOU get the fastest sale at the best price.  It is a team effort and we are all doing our part to help you achieve the success you want in selling your house.

So if you live in the Denver area and are thinking about selling and want to partner with a REALTOR that will support you getting the very BEST price for your property - let me know and I will be happy to connect you.

By the way, all the REALTORS I refer to are excellent marketing strategists, work for top companies here in the area, they do more than the average Realtor as far as getting your property sold, and are great people to work with - I enjoy working with them and know you will too!

To get your house Staged and SOLD in the Denver area call Jennie Norris - Sensational Home Staging - 303-717-7918 or 888-93-STAGE  Over 3,000 properties Staged since 2002!