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Friday, February 7, 2014

Should You Stage or Let it Go? by Jennie Norris - Sensational Home Staging

Should You Stage or Let it Go?
By Jennie Norris, ASP Master®, IAHSP-Premier®, ASP-SRS®, ASP-REO®
Owner, Sensational Home Staging
Denver Region’s Premier Home Staging Resource

Seller you got to let me know
Should I Stage or Let You go?
If you say that you are fine
Your house will sit a longer time
So you got to let me know
Should I Stage or Let you Go?

It's always please oh geez
A buyer knows just what they see
Your want your house to sell like that
And you want it off your back
Well come on an' let me know
Should You Stage or let it go?

Should I Stage or let you go now?
Should I Stage or let you go now?
If I go you will be sad
An' if I Stage you will be glad
So come on and just be bold
Get it Staged and get it sold!

This classic 80’s tune by The Clash was on the radio recently and lyrics started changing in my head as I thought about the power of Staging. Nationwide, the real estate market is not as swift as it was this time last year because there is more inventory available and more people are able to enter the market because of gains from last year. Coupled with rising interest rates and last year’s Sellers market is been replaced by a more traditional market. As much as we know about how Staging helps a house sell – it is still befuddling to me that Realtors will put a house on the market when it is really not ready to show.

Staging is an up-front investment to maximize the rate of return on the sale. It’s a marketing and financial tool to ensure a seller gets the MOST for the sale of their house.

FACT: When a Seller does not invest the time and dollars to Stage their house for sale, they don’t keep the money they did not spend. They LOSE it on the backend with either a lower starting list price, or a lower offer, or price reductions! And the loss they take is usually 10-20 TIMES the Staging investment! A typical Staging consultation ranges from $125-$450 in most markets. When this detailed summary can help a Seller net 5-20% MORE from the sale of their house, don’t you think it is a smart investment? Staging Vacant houses is also an investment up front that helps the house sell sooner than later. 

The investment in Staging is always less than a price reduction - or lower starting list price!

Realtors: Your Stager makes you more productive, makes you look more professional and takes the time you don’t have to work with your Seller. And your Stager can be a source of referrals for you too – this past year I gave out 8 referrals for listings or buyers to partner Realtors as a way to say, “Thank you” for their business. I don’t expect anything in return except to continue to work together.

Sellers: Your Stager helps you know exactly what it will take to make your house appeal to the MOST buyers – and therefore get the best offer. Don’t be afraid to have someone come in and help you. There is nothing “wrong” with how you live in your home – but you are selling your HOUSE – not your home – and that requires being able to step back and consider your property through a buyer’s eyes.

So don’t sit on the market longer than you need to with a house that does not show as well as it could. Stage it – and get it SOLD for the best price!


For help getting properties in the Denver region Staged and SOLD give Jennie a call - 303-717-7918 or 888-93-STAGE.