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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Sensational Home Staging - Small Spaces made Sellable

Check out the latest Staging from Sensational Home Staging!  This is a small space Staging - the overall square footage was just under 500 sq ft!  Making the best use of space to help define it for buyers was critical.  We love how it turned out - Staging DOES help people really see how large a space is versus leaving a home empty.  In this case, what looked like small rooms actually can house a fair amount of furniture while still having plenty of open space.

Here is the client feedback testimonial:


First off, the place looks GREAT!!! I was there this morning with my realtor, and she too commented on what a great job you did. I gave her your card, but if I can get a few more from you to give to her, that would be great. I am sooo happy I made the right choice in choosing you to do my place. My realtor feels that it will sell in no time. The listing goes up tonight.

Thank you again, and I will see or talk with you soon.

Many thanks