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Monday, November 15, 2010

Green or Eco-Friendly Home Staging

Green Home Staging
By Jennie Norris, ASP Master®, IAHSP® President, President Denver IAHSP® Regional Chapter and Owner, Sensational Home Staging

The trend across the country is to have eco-friendly everything – “Green” is the buzz word to identify those people or industries that want to do more to conserve resources. People and companies are “going Green” in an effort to help protect our planet and our futures.

Did you know that ASP® Home Stagers have been doing this BEFORE the word “Green” was even in fashion? I was reminded of this during a leadership call with the Creator of Home Staging®, Barb Schwarz – who really has been teaching the idea of using what someone has or “repurposing” – which is really what the Green movement is all about – for nearly 40 years.

Home Staging with a Green focus or eco-friendly focus can be about using natural materials, cotton, bamboo, jute rugs, real greenery (instead of silk) which is so easy to do. . . I have done some of these projects and it is really simple to adapt to that type of Staging by thinking about what we are using and how we use it in Staging. (go to and link to eco-friendly home staging to learn more).

We even have an eco-friendly “star” in the ASP® Family that has developed a whole line of eco-friendly furniture to use in Staging houses – that is made from recycled materials and this genius was born from a need in the Staging industry and finding a way to fill it. (go to to find out more).

But when it comes to the average person’s home and selling – an ASP® Home Stager is already in the mode being Green – which is about using what is in the house – repurposing and find new uses for items that otherwise could get thrown out or as others in the industry that don’t have the same training might do – have the homeowner go purchase MORE stuff. . . that they don’t need which then causes even more wastefulness.

This philosophy has been taught for nearly 12 years and used in successful real estate sales for nearly 40 years! As the original Home Staging training course, Accredited Staging Professionals (ASPs) have been doing “Green Staging” since the beginning and that makes me really happy to know that I am part of an industry that does care about the environment and the future of our planet, and that we were doing a service for clients and the world before it was “trendy.”

So if you want a Green approach to preparing your occupied house for sale, look no further than your local ASP® Home Stager. Give them a call – and then sit back and watch in amazement as they transform your house using your things – and put the focus on selling your house – not selling you on purchasing a bunch of stuff you don’t need. If you have a vacant house – give your ASP® Stager a call to get an honest assessment of what you need to showcase your house working with your budget and timeframe to make the most impact for Buyers.